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Skilled Criminal Defense: Securing Results For Our Clients

If you are accused of a crime, we can protect your future. A criminal record, whether a felony or misdemeanor, can have long-term consequences on your personal and professional life. Incarceration, probation, fines and a damaged reputation may await you. You need a solid criminal defense attorney who can secure the best possible resolution.

The Jones Law Group in Monroe, Louisiana, has the knowledge, skill and experience to give you peace of mind. We will guide you every step of the way and explain the legal process. It is crucial to be prepared. The courtroom process may seem intimidating, but we know how to fight for a reduction or dismissal of charges. As experienced litigators, we are prepared to defend your case in a courtroom trial.

Protecting Your Reputation

Our family-owned law firm has been in the region for years. We understand how to work with the local court system, judges and prosecutors. We also know most of our legal counterparts on a first-name basis. Through the years, our attorneys have represented clients charged with a variety of criminal offenses, including:

  • Drug crimes, including manufacturing, distribution and sale of controlled substances; possession of controlled substance; and illegal possession and misuse of prescription drugs
  • DUI/DWI-related charges
  • Sex crimes such as prostitution, sexual assault and rape
  • Violent crimes such as murder, homicide, robbery and assault and battery

Protecting your record is crucial. A criminal conviction can damage your career, prevent prospective employers from hiring you, lead to expulsion from college and upend your personal life. Don’t let this happen to you.

Changing The System From The Inside

We do not believe that prison is the answer. While serving within the House of Representative, attorney Charles Jones passed legislation that reduced the minimum sentencing for non-violent offenses. This action reduced drug sentencing by half, allowing thousands of community members to return to their families and jobs. Our lawyers do not believe in unnecessarily harsh punishments. We will advocate for the best case outcome, whether that is a case dismissal, or minimum penalties. Our goal is to get you back on track for a successful career and personal life.

Address Your Charges Today — Free Consultation

As seasoned criminal defense attorneys, we rely on experience and knowledge to get results. We are prepared to help you find the best path forward. Your life is not over. We will explain your options and protect your well-being. Our attorneys provide free initial consultations, so please contact us online or call 318-550-3158.